Premier Development Contractors Ltd | Building Contractors Leicester

Value Engineering

Liaising with the RIBA Chartered Architects, we guarantee that the project is specified and implemented in the most cost effective manner, utilising property techniques ensuring the very best value for the project.

Built By Brief

With a Riba and design background, our Project managers facilitate the program to suit your initial design briefs, working in tandem with the RIBA architects to ensure the project delivers with your initial vision conceptualised.

Power To Adapt

Empowered by a purpose built management system and advanced charting program, our management team can quickly adapt the program to suit unforeseen changes in circumstance ensuring that the program runs as efficiently as possible.

Cost Effective Tendering

With our tailored management packages you can rest assured you are in good hands. All of our sub-contractor rates are set via an industry average and we vet all our contractors prior to appointment. A minimum of 3 contractors from each trade and invited to tender once accreditation has been verified to ensure competitive rates.

Legally Secure Contracts

Working with purposely drafted contracts identifying all works prior to engagement, we guarantee the supply of all goods to an above satisfactory finish in line with the supply of goods service act. All sub-contractors are engaged on the requisites of our terms & conditions in which the supply of goods and service are covered to ensure no hidden costs.

Professionally Managed

With over 10 years experience in the professional Architectural sector, our team of project managers and procurement engineers deliver high quality and efficiently managed programs to suit all projects of any size and contract value.